“I have to admit, since I was managing a lot of people at once on set, it was a bit stressful at first. I was focused on making sure the ambience was good enough to film as well; we were all learning. In the end, I felt relieved mostly. The tension doesn’t really go away until it’s over. The whole experience reminded me of all the Christmases I spent back home. With all this pressure, it is easy to forget the holidays are upon us, I just had to listen to the music and take it all in; once I did, the stress kind of just goes away.”

Yasmil Marrufo images, Astrid Celeste fotos, Mario Caceres Musica, Hector c4trio, Rodner Padilla, Cesar Borjas Percusion, By Kanvas Filmmaker, Electroacustik Nelson Alizo

                This holiday season, we decided to give our viewers the gift of traditional Venezuelan Christmas music through our Loft Sessions. This idea was first introduced to me by some friends who were interested in collaborating with each other. We agreed it was a good time to launch this project and make the session special by emphasizing the creative reunion of artists. This production was also brought to you by the efforts of our sound engineer Nelson Alizo. I hope you experience the full effect of the holiday spirit as you watch this uniquely animated performance. 


                                                                                                                     With Love,

                                                                                                                         By Kanvas





Astrid Celeste Images, Astrid Celeste Marrufo, Astrid Marrufo, BTS By Kanvas, Astrid Celeste Singer, www.bykanvas.com
Mario Caceres Music, Astrid Celeste Marrufo Music, Astrid Celeste en Vivo, Astrid Marrufo, www.bykanvas.com
Artist: Astrid Celeste, Mario Caceres, Yasmil Marrufo

 “I loved it [Loft Sessions]. I felt very at home, I felt like I was with family. It was a lot of fun; we were able to pull off quite a show and it was super intimate. I think we all had a good time.

                                                                                                                                                         -Astrid Celeste

 Singer/Songwriter from Falcón, Venezuela / IG: @astridceleste

Artist: Yasmil Marrufo

 "I didn’t always know I was going to play music professionally. My parents always told me to choose a more traditional career path. During high school, one of my professors told my mom I should just drop out. He didn’t think I’d get very far, he was convinced that school was not my thing. I guess that’s when my mom realized that this wasn’t going anywhere and came to terms with it. Since then, I decided to take music seriously. I still graduated with a college degree, but music was my thing. It doesn’t even seem like I started that long ago either. Every time I play and each time I listen to something new I get excited. I get that same feeling I got the moment I started."

                                                                                                                                                                 -Yasmil Marrufo

Musician/Latin Grammy Winner/Composer/Producer/Multi-instrumentalist Born: Coro, Venezuela/ IG @yasmilmarrufo

Artist: Cesar Borjas

 "This holiday promotes unity. We want to spread love, joy and peace with music; thats the feeling we wanted to achieve in this reunion."

                                                                                                                                                                     -Cesar Borjas

Musician/ Percussionist  Born: Cabimas Estado Zulia Venezuela/ IG @cesarborjas

Artist: Rodner Padilla

"I got my first check at fourteen so I guess I could call that my 'first step' into the industry. From then on I was playing at dances back in Falcon, Venezuela with groups and even at clubs. I can clearly recall asking my dad for permission to attend these events."

                                                                         -Rodner Padilla

Musician/ Latin Grammy Winner/ Bass Player/ Producer Born: Punto Fijo, Venezuela / IG @rodpadillabass

Artist: Mario Caceres

"For most Venezuelans and Latin-Americans, the songs on the setlist run through our veins. We have been hearing these songs since we were kids, they have become part of our lives."

                                                                                                                                                                      -Mario Caceres

Musician/Singer/Songwriter/Latin Grammy Nominee/Producer Born: Maracaibo Venezuela / IG @caceresmusica

                                                                                                                                         Artist: Hector Molina

"The holidays are meant to reunite old friends. We don’t get this opportunity often, as musicians we often lose touch during the year because we’re always so busy. It was nice to reconnect with these musicians. It was amazing to be around Rodner Padilla, Cesar Borjas, and Astrid. Reuniting is always an amazing feeling and it’s good to take advantage of the season."

                                                                                                                                                                   -Hector Molina

Musician/Composer/Cuatro Player Born: Venezuela/ IG @hectorcuatrista

ByKanvas: (Photographer/Videographer/Creative Director) (Etc.)

“To be honest, this was a dream come true. I had heard about these musicians for years, but it was the first time I worked with them. They were all very professional. I love watching how they operate and how they communicate with one another. They were able to come up with something so solid so quickly. Witnessing this whole process live and being a part of it was incredible."