Directed by Marlon P


Artists: J. Balvin, Luigi 21

​"I remember this day as one of those days when you don't even know what to do. My friend Titi (Make up artist for this video), called me to be part of this video but as an extra person on camera, I said "yes, but I will bring my camera with me". That's how I ended up with all this pics and being part of this wonderful project".

Jose Balvin

​"What I really enjoy of being filmmaker for BTS is that real contact that you have with the artist. Jose is an incredible guy, full of energy, very kind with the crew.

Although he is a big artist, I can't act like a fans, even if I am right next to J.Balvin".

Artist: J. Balvin - Director: Marlon P

"Siempre papi, nunca inpapi" - Luigi 21 Plus & J.Balvin

All in ONE day

Artist: J. Balvin

Artist: J. Balvin & Mariah

​"I would love to collaborate again with the entire crew. I learned so much, I met incredible people and I will be endless grateful because this production was the "door" for all of videos that came up after".

Artists: J. Balvin, Luigi 21 - Director: Marlon P

Artists: J. Balvin, Luigi 21 - Director: Marlon P.

Artist: J. Balvin

Artists: J. Balvin, Luigi 21

Artist: Luigi 21


​"All productions are intense, some are more than others but that's part of the BTS, the real magic happens behind the camera. I feel filled of gratitude when I see the final results, thinking and remembering of how hard or easy was on set."

Artists: J. Balvin, Luigi 21 - Director: Marlon P.

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