Maye Osorio

​"My love is a beautiful song and very inspired, what Mike (director) was looking for with this production was giving the same harmony than the song through colors, textures and compositions. I believe that we could say that we made that happened. It's always a pleasure collaborate in projects with people from my country because, they are so talented and I feel like if I were in home again".

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"I met Maye like 3 years ago through Mr. Pauer, other friend of mine, from Venezuela who's musician too". 

"...that first drop of clear water was "MY LOVE"."

Maye Osorio for Rolling Stone Interview

Maye Osorio My Love - Maye Osorio BTS My Love - Maye Osorio Song My Love -

Artist: Maye Osorio

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Director: Mike Tang  Artist: Maye Osorio Song: My Love

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Artist: Maye Osorio Director: Mike Tang Song: My Love

Here is what I made for BTS of "My Love". I hope you guys, enjoy this film as much as I did.