"Donde nos vamos a ver"

Chyno Miranda never stop working hard

"I love what I do, but I love it more when I am collaboration for a project that involves so many Venezuelan talent. "Donde nos vamos a ver" was an unexpected invitation".

Artist: Chyno Miranda

​Chyno Miranda is a singer form Venezuela, but he residences in USA. He used to be part of a band called "Calle Ciega", then he made a duo with Nacho called "Chyno & Nacho" now a days, he is debuting as a soloist singer.

Artist: Chyno Miranda

​"I met Chyno time ago through a friend of mine, it's so curious how life always push me again in front of him but now, to be part of his project".

Artist: Chyno Miranda

Arist: Chyno Miranda - Videoclip: Donde Nos Vamos a Ver

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