"Donde nos vamos a ver"

Chyno Miranda never stop working hard


"I love what I do, but I love it more when I am collaboration for a project that involves so many Venezuelan talent. "Donde nos vamos a ver" was an unexpected invitation".

Artist: Chyno Miranda

​Chyno Miranda is a singer form Venezuela, but he residences in USA. He used to be part of a band called "Calle Ciega", then he made a duo with Nacho called "Chyno & Nacho" now a days, he is debuting as a soloist singer.

Chyno Miranda, Donde Nos Vamos a Ve Chyno Miranda, BTS Chyno Miranda

Artist: Chyno Miranda

​"I met Chyno time ago through a friend of mine, it's so curious how life always push me again in front of him but now, to be part of his project".

Chyno Miranda Photography, BTS Dond Nos Vamos a Ver
BTS Chyno Miranda and Crew, Donde Nos Vamos a Ver Chyno Miranda

Artist: Chyno Miranda

Chyno Miranda Photo, Behin The Scenes, Donde nos vamos a ver

Arist: Chyno Miranda - Videoclip: Donde Nos Vamos a Ver