“Being a part of this project was truly an honor. We’re all from the same country and I take pride of what Venezuelans have come to do.”


Maye is a gifted artist with a magical voice.

“I really enjoyed this production. While I was running around the set, the director, Mike, lent me his Fuji film camera. As soon as the shoot was over I ran to the store to purchase one. I think I fell in love.”

Sara Gomez


Directed and produced by

Ana Karyna Arrieche.

“Getting this done in one day was challenging to say the least, but nothing beats the incredibly rewarding feeling you get after you realized you actually made it.”

New talent coming up

Fourth Annual Breast Cancer Event by Angeles Almuna

Daddy Yankee, Anuel, Karol G, Ozuna & more

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Deyna Castellanos

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